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Advice, and others, were revisions, versions, adjustment, and translations

Advice, and others, were revisions, versions, adjustment, and translations

Advice, and others, were revisions, versions, adjustment, and translations

In particular, the introductory text could have been modified according to this new extent, brand new part to your type brands might have been eliminated, and you will a unique area has been added to spell it out ideas on how to establish relationship between brands, and those regarding the backward being compatible, in the first place used in § eleven.2 Version advice.

Additionally, yet another area has been added in the bottom to compare the newest DCAT versioning method having people utilized in OWL and you can [ DCTERMS ].

The very thought of version is oftentimes utilized because a generic title so you can signify some type of dating anywhere between a resource and you can a derived you to.

So it area concentrates specifically about how to have fun with DCAT to explain designs as a result of a change – i.e., off changes taking place to a resource as part of the lifetime-stage.

For this specific purpose, DCAT yields abreast of established vocabularies, in particular the fresh versioning part of the [ PAV ] ontology, and the relevant conditions off [ DCTERMS ], [ OWL2-Review ], and [ VOCAB-ADMS ].

It is very important observe that versioning can be applied so you’re able to the top notch residents DCAT information, together with Catalogs, Index Facts, Datasets, Distributions.

Notice including the DCAT strategy described in the adopting the parts is meant to be complementary that have those people already included in specific kind of tips (elizabeth.g., [ OWL2-Analysis ] will bring a collection of versioning properties to have ontologies), plus offered domains and you will groups. To possess a comparison amongst the DCAT versioning method and people from other vocabularies, find www.datingranking.net/nl/adultspace-overzicht § eleven.cuatro Complementary solutions to versioning.

The notion of version is very much indeed pertaining to the community techniques, the data management plan and workflows in place. It’s up to study team to determine when and exactly why a different sort of variation can be create. For this reason, DCAT refrains away from getting significance or regulations from the when changes in a source is to turn into a different sort of launch of it, and you will refers to possess pointers so you’re able to [ DWBP ] (§ 8.six Data Versioning and § 8.7 Investigation Identifiers).

eleven.step one Dating between designs

  1. Men and women indicating the latest version strings and you will steps (this new type record).
  2. Those people showing whether a variation is replaced/superseded of the someone else.

eleven.step 1.step one Version organizations and you may hierarchies

The earlier write [ VOCAB-DCAT-3-20201217 ] try making use of similar features out of [ DCTERMS ] and you can [ VOCAB-ADMS ], namely:

  • dcterms:hasVersion / dcterms:isVersionOf , to possess variation hierarchies, and you will
  • adms:prev , adms:2nd , adms:last for each other types chains and dataset collection.

means An associated resource that’s a difference, model, otherwise type of the discussed funding , thus utilising the thought of type with its broad sense, while [ PAV ] are specifically describing designs because of a posting. means A link to the current or newest variation of your Resource , whereas for the [ PAV ] the present day and newest brands of a source is various other, and you will link to by using various other attributes.

Also, whilst meanings of your own [ VOCAB-ADMS ] features says explicitly they are intended to be useful «versions», he’s subproperties of associated terms and conditions for the [ XHTML-VOCAB ], in which they are used so you can connect resources inside the a portfolio (age.grams., the latest set of users off an online site). E.grams., the expression xhv:past reads as follows: history is the last resource when you look at the a set of resources. .

Centered on you to, contained in this draft, [ PAV ]-comparable characteristics are used for brands, while the fresh new [ VOCAB-ADMS ] properties, and qualities dcterms:hasVersion / dcterms:isVersionOf aren’t used.

Property dcat:previousVersion is utilized to build a variety chain, and this can be navigated backwards away from a given adaptation on basic one to. Which reflects the most common play with case – i.elizabeth., connecting other types composed just like the line of information in an index.

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